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Statistics on annulments, separations and divorces. Year 2023 11 July 2024

In 2023 there were 76,685 divorces, 5.7% fewer than in the previous year. Of these, 14.9% were notarised. Joint custody was granted in 48.4% of divorce cases involving couples with children, 2.9% more than the previous year.

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Annulments, separations and divorces - Year 2023
Indicator Note Value Annual change
Dissolution process total 80,065 -5.3
Divorces 76,685 -5.7
Average length of marriage 1 16.6 -0.8
Joint custody 2 48.4 6.3
  • Variación anual: diferencia respecto al año anterior.
    • Value: Number of years until the year of sentence.
    • Value: Percentage over the total.
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Year 2023 Published: 11/07/2024
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The Statistics on Annulments, Separations and Divorces is statistical research of an annual nature, whose objective is to ascertain the number of annulment, separation or divorce judgments passed during the reference year, and to provide additional information regarding the main socio-demographic of spouses involved, and regarding other variables of social relevance associated with the legal process.

These statistics are performed by the INE by virtue of the Agreement signed with the General Council of the Judiciary Branch (GCJB) on 14 February 1994, and subsequent addenda, dated September 1, 2006.