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Household Budget Survey. Year 2021

Average household expenditure increased 8.3% in 2021, to 29,244 euros. In constant terms it grew by 5.0%.The groups where average spending per household increased the most were Restaurants and hotels, Health and Transport. The only groups where average spending per household decreased were Alcoholic beverages and tobacco and Comunicaciones. The highest average expenditure per person was registered in País Vasco, with 13,982 euros, and the lowest in Castilla-La Mancha, with 9,587 euros.

Household Budget Survey. Base 2006 - Year 2021
Indicator Note Value Variation
Average expenditure per household 29,243.61 8.3
Average expenditure per person 11,779.97 8.6
  • Value in Euros. Annual variation in percentage

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The Household Budget Survey (HBS) provides annual information on the nature and destination of consumption expenses, as well as on a range of features relating to household living conditions.

Consumption expenses refer both to the monetary flow into the home for paying for specific final consumption goods and services, and to the value of goods received for self-consumption, self-supply, payment in kind, free or subsidised food and rent of the dwelling in which the household lives (when it is owned or granted by other households or institutions). Expenses are recorded at the time of acquisition, irrespective of whether payment is in cash or in instalments.

The sample size is approximately 24,000 households per year.