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2001. Published: 5 February 2005

The INE is not responsible for the results that the recipients of the data obtain from these files based on their own calculations. In addition, recipients undertake to cite, in any publication derived therefrom, the INE as the primary data source (source: INE,, as well as the fact that the degree of accuracy or reliability of the information derived from the authors' own calculations is the sole responsibility of the authors themselves.

Files for yearly cycles from 1994 to 2001

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Extended sample for year 2000

NOTA: Files for yearly cycles between 1994 and 2001 correspond to the eight cycles on the Panel, one per year. Analysing several cycles allows longitudinal studies. Representation is on a national level.
The file including the extended sample corresponds to cycle 7, year 2000, and provides extended information for transversal analyses, with reference to that year. In this case, representation is by autonomous community.

Did you know...?

Carrying this out during the period 1994-2001, the European Union Household Panel has facilitated the European Commission having a first class statistical instrument available to follow up ocial cohesion in the relevant territory, the study of population needs and the impact of social and economic policies on households and persons as well as or the design of new policies.

A new survey has been started as of 2004, the Living Conditions Survey