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Survey on the use of water in the agricultural sector. Year 2016

The amount of irrigation water used in the agricultural sector in 2016 was similar to the previous year.

Use of irrigation water by irrigation technique - Year 2016
Indicator Note Value Variation
Total 14,948 0.0
Sprinkler 4,090 2.2
Trickle 5,891 2.6
Gravity 4,968 -4.5
  • Value: hm3 Variation: Percentage over the previous year
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Year 2016 Published: 18/07/2018
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The main objective of the Statistics on the Use of Water is the study of the use of the "water" resource in the economic activity sectors (agriculture, industry, services, etc.) or in some specific branches of economic activity. 

Variables on the water use are different depending on the economic branch or sector considered. Thus, in the agrarian sector, information is collected regarding the availability of water, according to the origin thereof (surface, groundwater, other resources) and regarding its use in plots, by crop group and irrigation technique;  in the manufacturing industry sector, the objective is to investigate the volume of water input used, and of water disposed of, as well as the average price for the supply and sanitation of the water. In the services sector, the use of water is investigated  to enable the development of indicators that establish the average  water use endowments in relation to the final consumers thereof.