Agrarian census - Year 2009
Indicator Note Value Variation
Number of holdings 989,796 -23.2
Used agricultural area 1 23,752,688 -9.2
  • Variation percentage. Data for 1999 refer to population equivalent to that researched in 2009
    • Hectares
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Year 2009 Published: 2011-2012
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Agrarian Census is a periodic statistical operation, carried out by the INE since 1962. It is an exhaustive investigation carried out once a decade aimed to the holders of agricultural holdings and its purpose is to collect data on the estructure of those holdings.

The last Agrarian Census was carried out in 2009 with the collaboration of the Basque Statistical Office (EUSTAT) and the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (IDESCAT) within the territorial scope of their Communities, and in accordance with the agreements signed.