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Economically Active Population Survey. EPA. First Quarter 2020

Employment registers a decrease of 285,600 persons in this quarter as compared with the previous quarter (-1.43%), reaching a total of 19,681,300 employed persons. 

Note on the effect of COVID-19 in the Economically Active Population Survey
In the first quarter of 2020, as a consequence of the declaration of the state of alarm (Royal Decrees 463/2020 and 487/2020) motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sample size of the first EAPS interviews in weeks 11 to 13 has been lower than in other quarters, so the coefficients of variation of the most disaggregated estimates may be higher than usual. It is recommended to consult the INEbase tables related to these coefficients of variation.

Economically Active Population Survey - Quarter 1/2020
Indicator Note Value Variation
Employed 1 19,681.3 1.08
Unemployed 1 3,313.0 -1.23
Economic activity rate 2 58.18 -0.17
Unemployment Rate 2 14.41 -0.29
  • Value in thousands. Variation over the same period the previous year
  • Value as a percentage. Variation: difference with regard to the rate for the same period the previous year

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Did you know...?

The Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS) has been conducted since 1964. The current methodology has been used since 2005.

This continuous and quarterly research is aimed at families, intended to collect data on the labour force and its various categories (employed, unemployed) as well as on the population outside the labour market (inactive).

The initial sample is taken from about 65,000 families per quarter, equivalent to approximately 160,000.

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