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Survey on Centres and Services to Support for Homeless Persons. Year 2018

The average daily of persons accommodated in care centres for homeless persons increase 9.5% in 2018 respect to 2016. 24.4% of centres are publicly owned, although 82.4% them are completely or mostly financed by the Administration.

Assistance centres for homeless persons - Year 2018
Indicator Note Value Variation
Persons hosted 18,001 9.5
  • Value: average of persons hosted daily
    Variation percentage over the previous period (two-yearly survey)
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Year 2018 Published: 26/09/2019
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The Survey on Centres and Services to Support for Homeless Persons has been performed since 2003. Its main objective is the study of different characteristics of attention centres for homeless people, both in general terms, focusing on allowances provided, population assisted and its orientation; and other characteristics related to economic and functional aspects, such as financing sources, human and financial resources, periods of usual activity, such as capacity and occupancy.

It is performed with help from Instituto Vasco de Estadística (EUSTAT) in the scope of the Autonomous Community that is País Vasco.