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Continuous Household Survey. Year 2019

The average number of households in Spain increases by 89,800 during 2019 and stands at 18,625,700. The average household size remains at 2.50 persons, the same figure as the previous year. 52.8% of young people between 25 and 29 years old lived with their parents.

Hogares según su composición - Year 2019
Indicator Note Value Anual change
Total de hogares 18,625,700 0.5
Tamaño medio del hogar 1 2.5 0.0
Persona sola menor de 65 años 2,784,500 3.3
Persona sola de 65 años o más 2,009,100 -1.4
Pareja sin hijos 3,937,200 0.6
Pareja con hijos 6,219,000 -1.3
Madre o padre con hijos 1,887,500 0.5
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Year 2019 Published: 02/04/2020
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The Continuous Household Survey (ECH) is an investigation that offers annual information on the basic demographic characteristics of the population, the households that make up and the dwellings they inhabit. The information is offered disaggregated by autonomous communities and provinces. On the population, it provides data by sex, age, marital status, country of birth, nationality, situation at home. For households it provides information on its size and composition and for households on its tenure regime, useful surface, rooms, year of construction and type of building. /p>