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Main High Technology indicators - Year 2017
Indicator Note Value Variation
Turnover of total companies (includes the high and medium-high technology manufacturing sectors and high technology services). 1 265,474 6.2
Employed persons in high technology companies 1,368,200 6.6
R&D expenditure in high technology companies 1 5,140 6.4
Production value of high technology goods 1 9,298 7.0
Exports of high technology products 1 16,194 8.5
Imports of high technology products 1 29,179 13.4
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
    • Millions of euros

The High Technology Indicators are summary statistic indicators with the aim of providing data on sectors and products considered to be high technology (industrial and services sectors) according to the methodology proposed by the OECD.

This provides R&D and innovation indicators for the following branch of activities:expenditures, staff, employed, turnover, value of production, added value, number of companies, intensity and innovation. For high technology products, it provides the value of production, exports and imports.

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Year 2017 Published: 23/07/2019
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