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Survey on the International Mobility of Students.EMIDE. 2014

EMIDE. Year 2014. 6.7% of the persons aged 18 to 34 years have moved abroad at some point during their education period to carry out part of their studies there.

Studies undertaken abroad - Year 2014
Indicator Note Total Men Women
Secondary and higher education 578,000 233,200 344,800
Language courses 1,098,800 414,800 684,000
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Year 2014 Published: 28/04/2015
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The Survey on the International Mobility of Students conducted by the INE in 2014 is part of a European Union pilot research project whose purpose is to assess the international mobility (moves from one's country to locations abroad, for studies or training) of young persons from each country.

The target population of study are those persons aged 18 to 34 years old. A sample of approximately 19,000 persons has been selected.

The survey analyses mobility at the different stages of formal education, from the first stage of secondary education to doctoral studies. It also studies mobility in activities such as courses in languages and volunteering and other training activities.