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Housing Price Short-Term Stock and Inventory Survey. ECSE.. Fourth quarter 2019

The annual stock and inventory rate in the Trade sector rises by 2.3%. Within the fourth quarter, the highest annual rate was registered in December, with an increase of 2.8%.

Indices for inventory levels in the Sales sector - Quarter 4/2019
Indicator Note Quarterly variation Anual change
Trade total 2.2 2.3
Sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 3.1 8.1
Wholesale trade 1 1.1 1.5
Retail trade 1 4.0 -0.3
  • Except motor vehicles and motorcycles
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Fourth Quarter 2019 and Year 2019 Publicated: 03/03/2020

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The main objective of the Short-Term Stock and Inventory Survey is to provide information necessary in order to obtain a short-term indicator that measures the evolucion of the value of the level of inventory in trade and industry.

In order to measure the evolution of the level of inventory in trade, a value index of goods at the end of the month is calculated. In the case of manufacturing, value indices for the level of inventory at the end of the month is calculated, depending if they are goods, raw materials and other supplies or products. The indices have base 2015 and are published quarterly, although the series have both, monthly and quarterly frecuency.. The information is published with the stock level indices in trade for the reference month of January 2013.