Most frequent names and surnames
  Note Name/Surname
most frequent
of persons
Women resident in Spain 1 María Carmen 647,877 01/01/2020
Men resident in Spain 1 Antonio 655,030 01/01/2020
Newborn girls 2 Lucía 3,432 2020
Newborn boys 2 Hugo 3,313 2020
All residents in Spain 1.3 García 1,462,696 01/01/2020
  • 1 Data from the Continuous Registry Statistics
  • 2 Data from the Birth Statistics
  • 3 Refers to the first surname
Latest data
Year 2020 Published:20/05/2021 and 17/06/2021

Did you know...?

This section contains the most frequent names and surnames of people who are currently resident in Spain, as well as the most frequent names of newborns in the last 15 years. In the first case, the source used to obtain the data is the Continuous Registry Statistics referred to 1 January of each year, and the results can be consulted in Excel table format or through the applications designed for this purpose. In the second case, the data comes from the Birth Statistics and is obtained from the information collected in the Statistical Birth Bulletin; Excel tables are included with the most frequent names recorded in the Civil Registry: the 100 most frequent names for the national total and 10 most frequent names for Autonomous Communities.