Classification of Products by Activities. CPA 2.1


Did you know...?

The Classification of products by Activity (CPA) is a macro-classification of products which constitutes the European version of the Central Product Classification (CPC) prepared and recommended by the UN. The CPA is legally binding in the European Community. The CPA 2.1 version has been adopted as national product classification, in substitution of the CPA-2008, being 1st January 2015 the date of entry into force.

The CPA, apart from having a greater level of detail, differs from the CPC in the structuring criteria. While the classification criteria in the CPC was the nature of the products, whereby products are grouped according to their physical properties and composition; the CPA follows the production origin criterion, in other words, products are grouped according to the economic activity where they originate. Thus, the structure of CPA 2.1 adjusts to the European classification of economic activities NACE Rev.2.