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Environmental accounts. Enviromental good and services. Preview data 2020

The Gross Value Added of the environmental economics decreased by 0.6% in 2020 and represents the 2.48% of GDP. The environmental economics created 438,3 thousand jobs, the 2.58% of the total of the economy.

Environmental Goods and Services Account
Indicator Note Value Annual change
Production 1,2 61,719.1 -1.5
Exports 1,2 7,987.7 22.6
Gross value added 1,2 27,828.1 -0.6
Equivalent full-time employment 2,3 438.3 0.4
  • Annual variation in percentage
    • Value in millions of euros
    • Data for Year 2020 (Preview)
    • Value in thousands
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serie 2014-2020 Published: 17/12/2021
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The objective of the Environmental Accounts (EA) is to integrate the environmental information in a coherent way in the central system of National Accounts. They include a set of satellite accounts, with annual transmission, compiled using the accounting formats applicable to the different sectoral and territorial areas, with a strong presence of physical data. They show the interaction between the economy, households and environmental factors.

The Environmental Goods and Services Account (EGSA) presents data about the main variables associated with the production of goods and services whose objective is environmental protection and/or the most efficient management of natural resources, classified by economic activities and environmental domains.