Net lending (+) or net borrowing (-) by institutional sector and households saving rat
Indicator Note Value Annual change Percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Total economy 1 20,746 617 1.5
Non-Financial corporations 1 41,626 35,575 3.1
Financial corporations 1 40,356 2,603 3.0
General government 1 -63,736 18,526 -4.7
Households 1 -2,322 -56,897 -0.2
NPISHs 1,2 4,822 810 0.4
Household saving rate 1 7.1 -6.4 --
  • Net lending (+) / net borrowing (-) in Million euro.
    Year-to-year change: difference compared to the previous year.
    • Data for Year 2022 (Provisional value)
    • NPISHs: non-profit institutions serving households

Did you know...?

The Annual Non-Financial Accounts by Institutional Sectors (ANFAIS) quantify the economic relations occurring during the year between the institutional sectors that make up the national economy (non-financial corporations, financial corporations, general government, households and non-profit institutions serving households), and between these and the rest of the world. They constitute an ordered series of accounts describing each of the phases of the economic process: production and generation of income, distribution and redistribution, final consumption, saving and accumulation of assets.

The ANFAISs results are presented in the form of accounts, integrated and detailed.

It also includes the breakdown of household final consumption expenditure by purpose (COICOP), other detailed results of the General Government sector (as a form of detailed presentation of the public finance statistics underlying the sector's accounts) and the Pension Table, as an annex to the accounts system that provides a measurement of the stock of pension rights of households accrued at a date, including those corresponding to the social security systems, as well as the economic flows that explain their evolution.

The SNA adopts the methodology contained in the European System of Economic Accounts (ESA-2010) in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 May, as do the rest of the statistical operations that make up the Spanish National Accounts, which guarantees the international comparability of its results.

The results correspond to the 2019 Benchmark Revision (ESA 2010). In the Related Links section you may consult the information corresponding to previous accounting bases.