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Survey on Essential Characteristics of Population and Housing. Year 2021

In 2021, 15.9% of households resided in rental housing, compared to 13.5% in 2011. A total of 15.5% of households had a second home. One in three households stated that their building was not easily accessible.

Survey on Essential Characteristics of Population and Housing - Year 2021
Indicator Note Absolute value Relative value
Persons who are employed or study who work or study in the same municipality in which they reside 9,958,638 44.5
Women who live with a partner and are in charge of most of the household chores 5,026,969 49.7
Persons aged 16 and over who attain at least the educational level of their parents 31,068,226 85.0
Persons who speak English with difficulty or well 11,338,298 24.6
Households that have at least one vehicle as a means of personal transportation 14,713,823 78.2
Main dwellings with some type of heating system 15,152,688 80.6
  • Relative value: % of the total population
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Year 2021 Published: 22/02/2023
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The Survey on Essential Characteristics of Population and Housing (ECEPOV-2021) complements the Population and Housing Census 2021 by providing information not available in the administrative registers in order to give continuity to the census series existing up to now, which allows, for some variables, a comparison to be made with the situation in the 2011 census.