15 March 2024

Structural Enterprise Statistics: Services Sector

Year 2022

Main results

  • Turnover in the Services Sector increased by 22.2% in 2022 and stood at 710,217 million euros.
  • The number of people employed in the Services Sector reached 8.3 million, an increase of 6.6% compared with 2021.
  • The Autonomous Communities with the greatest share in turnover for the Services sector in the year 2022 were Comunidad de Madrid (33.3%) and Cataluña (19.5%).

Turnover of companies in the non-financial Services Sector stood at 710,217 million euros in 2022, an increase of 22.2% as compared with the previous year.

The value added by these companies grew by 17.2% and their gross operating surplus was 25.5%.

Services Sector. Year 2022. Main magnitudes

One salient feature of the Services Sector was the predominance of very small companies. In 2022, 95.6% of the companies had fewer than 10 employees. These enterprises employed 35.8% of the sector's personnel and their turnover accounted for 25.8% of the total number.

Companies with 250 or more employees, which accounted for 0.1% of the total number, employed 34.2% of the staff and had a turnover of 41.6% of the sector's turnover.

Services Sector. Year 2022. Main magnitudes by size of the enterprise

Absolute values and percentage change

Results by activity sections

Turnover and employment in the Services Sector rose in all sections of activity in 2022. The greatest increases were in Hospitality, up 52.4% in terms of turnover and 13.8% in employees.

19.9% of the Services Sector's turnover in 2022 was in the activity Transport and storage. Companies in this activity employed 11.4% of the sector's total workforce.

Results by activity sections. Year 2022

Results by divisions of activity

The segments of activity with the largest contribution to the sector's turnover in 2022 were Food and beverage services (8.6% of the total), Warehousing and support activities for transportation (8.5%) and Land transport and transport via pipelines (8.1%).

The activity divisions with the largest increases in turnover in 2022 were Travel agencies, tour operators, booking services and related activities (with an increase of 140.4%), Creative, arts and entertainment activities (109.2%) and Air transport (106.7%).


Productivity (value added per employed person) for the Services Sector was 39,191 euros in 2022, with an increase of 10.0% compared with the previous year.

The divisions of activity that experienced the highest productivity were Telecommunications (167,712 euros) and Rental and leasing activities (113,676 euros).

On the other hand, those with the lowest productivity were Other personal service activities (laundries, hairdressing and other personal service activities), with 16,257 euros, and Food and beverage service activities, with 19,476 euros.

Geographical destination of sales

In 2022, 88.1% of sales in the services sector were made within Spain. Sales outside Spain totalled 84.474 billion euros, 11.9% of the total.

The activity divisions with the highest percentage of sales outside of Spain were Air transport (51.2%) and Warehousing and support activities for transportation (34.2%).

Divisions of activity with the highest percentage of sales outside Spain. Year 2022


Investment in tangible assets

Investment in tangible assets carried out by the Services Sector amounted to 45,464 million euros in 2022. The activities with the highest investment were Real estate activities (21.6% of the total) and Transporting and storage (19.9%).

Investment in tangible assets accounted for 14.0% of the value added of the sector. This percentage ranged from 4.8% for Education and 51.6% for Real estate activities.

Investment in tangible assets by divisions of activity. Year 2022

Results by autonomous communities

The Autonomous Communities with the greatest participation in turnover for the Services sector in the year 2022 were Comunidad de Madrid (33.3%), Cataluña (19.5% of the total) and Andalucía (9.9%).

In turn, those with the least weight were La Rioja (0.4%), Cantabria (0.7%) and Extremadura (0.8%).

In terms of employment, in Comunidad de Madrid 22.7% were employed in the Services Sector, whereas in Cataluña the figure was 19.3% and in Andalucía, 14.2%.

Services Sector by Autonomous Communities and Cities. Year 2022

Note: To obtain the results by Autonomous Communities, the Local Unit whose main activity is Services is considered a statistical unit. These local units may be part of Enterprises whose activity is included in other sectors and, in this case, their data at the Enterprise level is not included in the Services sector. Another difference between this regional data (by premises) and the national data (by enterprises) is that only in the latter is it necessary to apply internal flow consolidations to each enterprise. This explains why the total turnover is somewhat higher in regional data than in national data.

Reviews and data updates

The data published today are final. All the results of this operation are available at INEbase

Methodological note

Structural Business Statistics: The Services Sector is an annual structural statistical operation aimed at enterprises, societies and individuals whose main activity is described in sections H, I, J, L, M, N, P, Q, R and divisions 95 and 96 of section S of the National Classification of Economic Activities CNAE-2009.

This operation allows us to ascertain the main structural and economic characteristics of companies in the sector under study by means of a broad set of variables relating to employed personnel, turnover and other income, purchases and consumption, personnel expenses, taxes and investments. The statistic includes economic aggregates such as the value of production and gross value added, as well as the main indicators.

Type of operation:
annual continuous operation.
Population scope:
companies whose main activity is described in sections H, I, J, L, M, N, P, Q, R and divisions S95 and S96 of CNAE-2009.
Geographical scope:
the entire national territory.
Reference period:
the calendar year, which, with some exceptions, coincides with the company's accounting year.
Sample size:
112,965 units (44% with direct collection and 56% with administrative data).
Collection method:
Collection method: online completion of the questionnaire by the respondent (IRIA system), and use of official administration sources.

More information on the methodology and the standardised methodological report.

INE statistics are produced in accordance with the Code of Good Practice for European Statistics. More information on Quality at INE and Code of Best Practices.

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