22 April 2024

Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights (STPR)

February 2024. Provisional data

Main results

  • In February, 190,717 properties were registered in the property registers, 4.4% more than in the same month of the previous year.
  • Registered housing sales and purchases increased by 5.8% compared to February 2023.

The number of property transfers recorded in the property registers (from previously executed public deeds) in the month of February was 190,717, which was 4.4% more than in the same month of 2023.

As for registered property sales, the number of transfers was 105,465, with an annual increase of 7.0%.

Transferred properties registered according to type of acquisition. February 2024

1Includes the following items: land consolidation, horizontal divisions, joint operations or mixtures of several transfer titles, transfers without title of acquisition, dation in payment, foreclosures and court orders.

Sales recorded in land registers

87.0% of registered sales in February were urban properties and 13.0% were rural properties. Among urban properties, 57.5% were home sales and purchases.

In February, the number of rural property sales increased by 5.2% in annual rate and the number of urban property sales by 7.3%. Within the latter, housing sales and purchases recorded an annual increase of 5.8%.

Sales registered by property type. February 2024

Registered housing sales

92.9% of the housing transferred by sale in February were open market and 7.1% were protected.

In annual terms, the number of transfers of free dwellings by sales and purchasing increased by 6.7%, and that of protected dwellings decreased by 4.7%.

21.8% of the housing transferred by sale in February were new and 78.2% were used.

The number of new home transactions increased by 20.8% compared to February 2023 and the number of used ones by 2.2%.

Number of registered housing sales. February 2024

Results by Autonomous Community

Comunidad Foral de Navarra (24.4%), Castilla y León (23.6%) and Cantabria (15.8%) recorded annual rates of higher variation in the total amount of transferred housing in February.

In turn, Andalucía (-8.9%), Aragón (-7.1%) and Principado de Asturias (-4.8%) registered the lowest rates.

Looking at the sales and purchases of registered housing, the autonomous communities that presented the greatest increases were Comunidad Foral de Navarra (50.6%), Galicia (38.4%) and Región de Murcia (19.5%).

In turn, Canarias (-12.0%), Illes Balears (-10.3%) and Andalucía (-1.5%) registered the largest decreases.

Annual variation in the number of housing sales by Autonomous Community. February 2024


Revision and updating of data

The data for 2024 are provisional and will be reviewed when the data for the same period next year are published. All results of this operation are available on INEBase.

Methodological note

The Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights provide information on the number of rights on transfers of property during the reference month, on a national level, by province and Autonomous Community.

All information on transfers of property is taken from the information contained in the Land Registers for the whole country, by virtue of a partnership agreement signed in 2004 by both institutions.

Type of survey:
continuous on a monthly basis.
Population scope: 
registrations of transfers of property rights in the land registers.
Geographical scope: 
the entire national territory, by Autonomous Community and provinces.
Reference period of the results: 
the calendar month.
Reference period of the information:
the calendar month.
sale, donation, inheritance, exchange and other property titles, of rustic and urban properties (dwellings, plots and other urban properties).
Collection method: 
administrative registers from Association of property and Mercantile registers of Spain.

For more information you can access the methodology and the standardised methodological report.

INE statistics are produced in accordance with the Code of Good Practice for European Statistics. More information on Quality at INE and Code of Best Practices.

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