18 April 2024

Services Sector Activity Indicators (SSAI)

February 2024. Provisional data

Main results

  • The annual variation of the Market Services Sector turnover index was 4.7% in the calendar and seasonally adjusted series. 
  • In February, the monthly rate was 2.1% if seasonal and calendar effects are removed.

The general index of the turnover for the Market Services Sector, after adjusting for seasonal and calendar effects, experienced a variation of 4.7% in February compared to the same month of 2023. This rate was 3.5 points higher than that recorded in January.

The original series presented an annual variation of 5.4%, which was 2.5 points above that registered in January.

General index of turnover for the Market Services Sector

Annual Rate. Percentage

Annual rates in Turnover index for the Market Services Sector: General and by sector. February 2024

Monthly trend in turnover for the Market Services Sector

After adjusting for seasonal and calendar effects, the monthly variation of the general index of turnover for the Market Services Sector between February and January was 2.1%. This rate was 1.8 points higher than that observed in January.

General index of the turnover for the Market Services Sector. Seasonally and calendar adjusted

Monthly rate. Percentage 

Results by Autonomous Community. Annual variation rates of the turnover index. Original series

All Autonomous Communities increased the Turnover index for the Market Services Sector in February as compared to 2023.

La Rioja (17.4%), Comunidad Foral de Navarra (11.8%) and Illes Balears (11.3%) registered the largest increases. País Vasco (1.0%), Aragón (1.3%) y Región de Murcia (3.5%) recorded the lowest increases.

General index of Market Services Sector Turnover by Autonomous Community. February 2024

Annual Rate. Percentage

Employment trend

The Employment in the Market Services Sector index experienced a variation of 2.0% in February as compared to the same month of the previous year. This rate was one tenth lower than that registered in January.

National Indices of employed personnel by sector. February 2024

Review and update of data

The INE has updated the IASS data for the last five months. In the case of the series adjusted, the series have been reviewed from the beginning, following the INE standard. All results of this operation are available on INEbase.

Methodological note

The Services Sector Activity Indicators (SSAI) measure the short-term evolution of the activity of companies belonging to the Non-Financial Market Services sector through two variables: turnover and employed personnel. Turnover comprises the amounts invoiced by the company for provision of services and sale of goods. Employed personnel include both paid and unpaid personnel.

In order to obtain this data, an ongoing survey is conducted, every month researching more than 27.500 companies that operate in this sector. Results are presented as indices so as to measure variations as compared to the base year 2021.

The characteristics of this statistics are:

Type of survey:
monthly continuous survey.
Base year:
Population scope:
companies whose main economic activity is described in sections G, (Trade), H (Transport and Storage), I (Accommodation), J (Information and Communications), M (Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities) and N (Administrative and Support Services Activities) of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE-09).
Geographical scope:
all the national territory except for Ceuta and Melilla, for which it is only collected in division 47 of CNAE-09 (retail trade).
Sample size:
27.500 companies.
Type of sampling:
stratified random sampling.
Collection method:
internet (IRIA system), administrative register, e-mail, fax, telephone or by postal mail.

For more information you can access the methodology and the standardised methodological report.

INE statistics are produced in accordance with the Code of Good Practice for European Statistics. More information at Quality at INE and the Code of Best Practices.

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