21 May 2024

Industrial Turnover Indices (ITI)

March 2024. Provisional data

Main results

  • The annual rate variation of the Total Industrial Turnover Index stands at 0.2% in the seasonal and calendar adjusted and -12.2% in the original.
  • The monthly variation stands at -0.6%, after seasonal and calendar adjustment.

More information

  • Tables annex (includes information by autonomous communities and original and adjusted series by sectors)
  • Detailed results (monthly and annual data)

The Industrial Turnover Index (ITI), once adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, showed in March a variation of 0.2% as compared with the same month of the previous year.

The ITI original series registered an annual variation of -12.2%.

Industrial Turnover Index, Total. Seasonally and calendar adjusted. March 2024
Monthly rate. Percentage

By market, all markets showed negative annual rates in March. It is worth noting the decrease registered in the non euro area in the foreign market (-13.8%).

Industrial Turnover Index, Total and by market. March 2024
Annual rate. Percentage

Monthly trend of ITI

The monthly variation of the seasonally and calendar adjusted Total Industrial Turnover Index between the months of March and February, stood at -0.6%. This rate was 1.5 points lower than the previous month.

ndustrial Turnover Index, Total. Seasonally and calendar adjusted. March 2024
Annual rate. Percentage

By Main Industrial Groupings (MIGs), four of the five sectors showed negative monthly rates. It is worth highlighting the decrease in Non-durable consumer goods (-2.7%), followed by Durable consumer goods (-1.7%).The only sector that increased was Energy (0.1%).

Results by Autonomous Community. Original series

Turnover decreased as compared to March 2023 in all the autonomous communities.

The largest decreases were recorded in Principado de Asturias (-22.1%), Comunitat Valenciana (-18.6%) and La Rioja (-17.6%). The lowest were recorded in Canarias (-0.7%), Extremadura and Andalucía (-1.6% in both cases).

Industrial Turnover Index, Total and by Autonomous Community. March 2024
Annual rate. Percentage

Revisions and data update

On the press release day, INE has updated ITI data series corresponding to the last 13 months. In the case of calendar adjusted and seasonally and calendar adjusted series, according to INE standard, series are revised since its beginning. Results are available at INEBase.

Methodological note

The Industrial Turnover Indices (ITI) aim to measure the evolution of the activity of companies that are part of the industrial sector in Spain, based on their turnover figures. This information is also requested disaggregated by markets.

Survey Type:
ongoing monthly.
Base year:
Population scope:
units of economic activity whose main activity is included in Sections B: Extractive industries (with the exception, due to their not being relevant to Spanish industry, of division 09) or C: Manufacturing industry of CNAE-2009.
Geographical scope:
the whole country, excluding Ceuta and Melilla.
Sample size:
Approx. 12,000 establishments.
Data collection:
monthly, value of total business turnover broken down by market.
Collection method:
fill in a questionnaire by the respondent using one of the following methods: internet (IRIA system), email, fax, telephone or post.

Further information is available in the methodology and in the standardised methodological report.

INE's statistics are produced according to the European Statistics Code of Practice. For further information at Quality at INE and Code of Practice.

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