22 January 2024

Business Turnover Index (BTI)

November 2023. Provisional data

Main results

  • The annual rate of the Business Turnover stands at -2,7% both in the seasonal and calendar adjusted series and in the original.
  • The monthly variation of the Business Turnover stands at 1,3%, after seasonal and calendar adjustment

More information

The Total Business Turnover Index, once adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, showed a variation of -2.7% in November, as compared with the same month of the previous year. The BTI original series registered the same annual variation.

Business Turnover Index, Total. Seasonally and calendar adjusted.

Annual rates. Percentage

The seasonally and calendar adjusted indices showed negative annual rates in three of the four analysed sectors.

Business Turnover Index, Total and by sectors

November 2023. Annual rates

Monthly trend of BTI

The monthly variation of the seasonally and calendar adjusted Business Turnover Index between the months of November and October of 2023 stood at 1.3%. This rate was 1.7 points higher than the previous month.

Business Turnover Index, Total. Seasonally and calendar adjusted

Monthly rate. Percentage

Of the four analyzed sectors, only Electricity and water supply, sewerage and waste management showed negative monthly rates (-1.8%). Trade showed the highest increase (1.9%).

Revisions and data update

On the press release day, INE has updated PT data for the same month of the previous year. Results are available at INEbase.

Methodological note

The Business Turnover Index (BTI) is a short-term synthesis statistical operation aiming at obtaining an indicator to measure the short-term evolution of turnover, as a whole, for non-financial economic sectors: Extractive and manufacturing industries, Electrical energy and water, Trade and Non-financial services.

Survey Type:
ongoing monthly.
Base year:
Population scope:
the business turnover Index provides a comprehensive and weighted measure of the business turnover for the economic sectors Extractive and manufacturing industries, the Supplying of electricity and water, Treatment and management of waste, Trade and Non-financial market Services..
Geographical scope:
the whole country.
Results reference period:
calendar month.
Information sources:
it is compiled using information from three statistical operations carried out by INE: Industry turnover indices (ITI), service sector activity indicators (SSAI) and retail trade indices (RTI). In addition, existing information from administrative registers is utilized: sales declared by large companies in their VAT returns in the sector not covered by the surveys previously mentioned.

Further information is available in the methodology and in the standardized methodological report.

INE's statistics are produced according to the European Statistics Code of Practice. For further information at Quality at INE and Code of Practice.

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