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Rental Housing Price Index (RHPI). Base 2015

Year 2022

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Main results

  • Rental housing prices rose by 2.7% in 2022.
  • Prices of new contracts rose by 5.3%, while prices of existing contracts rose by 2.1%.

The annual variation of the Rental Housing Price Index (RHPI) was 2.7% in 2022. This is more than one point higher than in 2021 and is the second highest rate since the beginning of the series in 2012.

Annual RHPI Rate

Evolution of prices of new contracts compared with existing ones

The variation in rental prices was different according to the year in which the contract was signed.

Thus, new contracts rose in price by 5.3%, while the prices of contracts already in place before 2022 rose by 2.1%.

Annual rate of IPVA according to the length of the lease contract. Year 2022

Results according to dwelling characteristics

By building type, collective dwellings (those located in buildings) rose in price by 2.7%, which was 1.2 points higher than in 2021.

On the other hand, the prices of single-family rented housing rose by 2.5% in 2022, six tenths more than in 2021.

Evolution of the annual RHPI rate by building type

Results by Autonomous Communities. Annual variation rates

In 2022, rental housing prices increased compared to 2021 in all the autonomous communities.

The highest increases were recorded in the Illes Balears, Comunitat Valenciana and the Islas Canarias, with increases of 3.7%, 3.5% and 3.0%, respectively.

On the other hand, Principado de Asturias (1.8%), Castilla y León (2.0%) and Extremadura (2.3%) recorded the lowest increases.

Annual RHPI rates by Autonomous Community. Year 2022

Results by municipalities of provincial capitals

The provincial capitals in which rental housing prices rose the most in 2022 were Valencia (4.4%), Malaga (3.8%) and Palma (3.7%).

Since the baseline year, 2015, until 2022, the highest increases were also in these municipalities. All three of them, with rises of more than 21%.

The following table lists the 20 provincial capitals with the highest increases since 2015. These account for one in every three dwellings that were rented in 2022.

Provincial capitals with the highest annual rent variation from 2015 to 2022

Methodological note

The main aim of the Rental Housing Price Index is to measure the evolution of the price of rented housing as a habitual residence.

Statistic type:
Experimental, annual.
Base period:
Geographical scope:
Since this is an exploitation of tax data sources, the geographical scope consists of the common fiscal territory; that is, the entire national territory except the Comunidad Foral de Navarra and País Vasco .
Functional classification:
Type of building (collective/single-family dwelling), size of the dwelling and time since the contract was signed.
Geographic breakdown:
Autonomous community, province, municipality (those with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants grouped into a single category) and by district of all the provincial capitals.
General calculation method:
Paasche chained-linked index.
Weightings reference period:
The weightings in effect in any given year are calculated based on the data about rented housing in the said year with the prices of the previous year.
Collection method:
Administrative Records (AEAT).

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