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First steps in statistics

Start / What is the 2011 Census like?

Key elements

The 2011 Population and Housing Census is proposed as an operation combining:

  • A pre-census file created from the maximum use of the available administrative registers, taking the Register as the basic element of its structure.
  • Fieldwork that includes two large operations:
    • - A comprehensive Building Census that enables geo-referencing all buildings.
    • - A large sampling survey, targeting a relatively high percentage of the population, in order to ascertain the characteristics of persons and dwellings.

The pre-census file

This is obtained from the Register and from statistical information and administrative sources (vital statistics, Social Security, Tax Agency); it will allow having enough information available to carry out the population count and the analysis of its structure.

The population survey

This has a dual objective. Firstly, there will be the objective of providing the census characteristics of the population for those variables for which not enough information is available in the pre-census file. Secondly, its data will enable completing the population count.

The building census

This also has several objectives. The first of them is to ensure the comprehensiveness of the listing of buildings derived from the pre-census file. To this end, a complete itinerary is expected wherever necessary. In said itinerary, the variables will be collected from the buildings when previous information is not available on them, all the dwellings and locales will be listed, and the geo-referencing of the buildings will be completed.

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