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First steps in statistics

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  • When will the 2011 Census be conducted?
  • The coming Census will be conducted between September 2011 and the end of March 2012. In summary, the stages are as follows:

    • Beginning in mid-September 2011, persons may participate, either online or in print format, in the completion of the Population survey data. We recommend the use of the Internet, in order to attain better quality and speed in the results.
    • During the months of November and December 2011, the agents hired by the INE will conduct the Building Census.
    • Between the months of January and March 2012, the agents hired by the INE will complete the information collection of the Population survey.
  • Who carries out the Census?
  • The INE conducts the Population and Housing Censuses. However, many persons and organisations take part in the design and content of the censuses, either directly or indirectly. Moreover, it is important to highlight that the Municipal Councils and Statistics Institutes of the Autonomous Communities also participate in conducting the Censuses.

  • How much does it cost to conduct the Census, and how is it financed?
  • The total cost expected for all phases of the operation is approximately 85 million euros, to be distributed throughout the General State Budgets for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

  • How many persons will participate?
  • The Census is one of the operations that utilize the largest number of persons in such a short period of time.

    We expect that, in the fieldwork, there will be:

    • 4,000 interviewing agents.
    • 800 group supervisors (one for every five agents).
    • 160 regional managers (one for every five group supervisors).
    • Staff from each Provincial Delegation of the INE (regional inspectors and the Provincial Delegate of the INE as the highest authority of the operation in her/his province).

    Moreover, we must also consider all of the technical personnel linked to the allocated companies of the hired services, the local advisors belonging to the Municipal Councils and the staff of the INE Central Services that is specifically dedicated to this operation.

  • I want to participate as an interviewer. Where and whom should I contact?
  • The selection of the interviewing personnel will be carried out, initially, from among those members of the job centre already existing in the INE. If necessary, personnel will be requested from the offices of the Public Employment Services, and therefore, a compulsory requirement will be to be registered as having applied for these Services.

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