The denominations of the municipalities and provinces presented here are those that feature in the Ministry of Treasury and Public Administration Local Institutions Register. In the said register created by means of Royal Decree 382/1986, of 10 February, following the guidelines established by Law 7/1985 of 2 April, Regulator of Local Regime Bases, all local institutions must register. These are understood to be those municipalities, provinces, islands, institutions with territorial scope less than municipality and municipality man communities.

The modifications registered during the previous year may be caused by:

1.a) Alterations to municipalities, registered during the said period, that are covered in sections a), b) and c) from article 3.1 of the rewritten text from the legal guidelines in force on local regime, in other words, those that have occurred:

a) By incorporation of one or more municipalities to another or other neighbouring municipalities.

b) By fusion of two or more neighbouring municipalities.

c) By segregation of the part of the land of one or various municipalities to build another independent municipality.

1.b) Changes in the official denominations of municipalities

2) Corrections carried out in the denomination of some municipalities as a consequence of the filtering carried out by the Local Institutions Register with Autonomous Communities.

The municipality code is comprised of five digits: the first two correspond to the province and the other three to the municipality therein. Likewise, a sixth control digit is published, assigned using a calculation rule, which enables the detection of recording and encoding errors.

The three-digit code was assigned consecutively in alphabetical order, on a provincial level, for those municipalities existing at 31 December 1970, remaining until the present. Newly created municipalities are assigned a code beginning with 9, subsequent to the latest existing code, whereas the codes of the municipalities that no longer exist have not been reused, unless a municipality existing after 1970 has been registered, for which the code that it had at the time of delisting has been granted.

Dissemination plan:

The listing of municipalities is presented, referring to 1 January each year, organised by province, and within the province, by municipality code, and by island, in addition to those modifications registered the previous year and during the year to date.

Periodicity of the dissemination:

The listing of municipalities at 1 January, and the modifications registered the previous year, are disseminated annually.

The modifications registered during the year to date are published as they are made known through the Register of Local Institutions.