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INEbase / Classifications / List of municipalities, provinces, Autonomous Communities and their codes / List of municipalities and codes by provinces to 1 January 2009 / Modifications registered between 01-01-2008 and 01-01-2009

Relation of created municipalities
Province Code Denomination Municipality from which it is segregated
_ _ _ _
Relation of disappeared municipalities
Province Code Denomination Municipality into which it is incorporated
_ _ _ _
Change in municipality denomination
Province New denomination or vernacular language Code Previous denomination
Álava Erriberagoitia/Ribera Alta 01 0468 Ribera Alta
Balears (Illes) Palma 07 0407 Palma de Mallorca
Castellón/Castelló Borriana/Burriana 12 0326 Burriana
Castellón/Castelló Peníscola/Peñíscola 12 0897 Peñíscola
Castellón/Castelló Torre d'en Doménec (la) 12 1205 Torre Endoménech
Rioja (La) Ajamil de Cameros 26 0048 Ajamil
Valencia/València Sant Joan de l'Ènova 46 2227 San Juan de Énova
Vizcaya Urduña/Orduña 48 0741 Urduña-Orduña
Correction in the municipalities denomination    
Province Corrected denomination Code Previous denomination
_ _ _ _

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