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This section includes a set of tables from the LFS published on the Eurostat website. A direct query of the original table may be made by clicking on each table (available only in English, French and German), and this returns the translated table with the latest available data. Clicking on the XML icon icono XML grants access to the original table on the Eurostat website, where the detailed results of the survey may also be viewed (not available in Spanish)

Population, activity and inactivity - LFS adjusted series
1.1 Average exit age from the labour force by gender
1.2 Jobless households - children
1.3 Jobless households by gender
1.4 People living in households with very low work intensity
Employment - LFS adjusted series
2.1 Employment growth by gender
2.2 Employment rate by gender, age group 15-64
2.3 Employment rate of older workers by gender
2.4 Persons employed part-time - Total
2.5 Employees with a contract of limited duration (annual average)
Unemployment - LFS adjusted series
3.1 Unemployment rate by gender
3.2 Unemployment rate, by age group
3.3 Long-term unemployment rate by gender
3.4 Harmonised unemployment by gender - total
3.5 Harmonised unemployment by gender - age class 15-24
3.6 Harmonised unemployment by gender - age class 25-74
3.7 Harmonised unemployment rate by gender - total
3.8 Harmonised unemployment rate by gender - age class 15-24
3.9 Harmonised unemployment rate by gender - age class 25-74
LFS series - Detailed annual survey results
4.1 Employment rate, by highest level of education attained
4.2 Employed persons with a second job
4.3 Hours worked per week of full-time employment
4.4 Hours worked per week of part-time employment
4.5 Unemployment rates of the population aged 25-64 by level of education
4.6 Number of persons in households
4.7 Employment rate of the age group 15-64, by NUTS 2 regions
4.8 Unemployment rate, by NUTS 2 regions
4.9 Share of long-term unemployment (12 months and more), by NUTS 2 regions
4.10 Employment rate of the group 55-64 years, by NUTS 2 regions