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The document that is presented in the form of a questionnaire is an image, which can be printed out on paper, which describes the EAPS data collection process as from the first quarter of 2005. On this document you can find the questions that are formulated and to whom, depending on the answers given throughout the interview.

It is necessary to bear in mind that this questionnaire is not the instrument that is used during the interviews. These are carried out by running a computer application that is presented by the interviewer, on a laptop (for the first interviews) or PC (for successive interviews, principally carried out by telephone), outlining the text, the sequence of the questions, and the response options to be formulated to the interviewees.

In this manner we avoid errors that could arise with the formulation of inadequate questions, depending on the characteristics of the person being interviewed, and it allows for the control of other types of errors that could arise as a result of the information provided by the interviewee.

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