Methodologys HOS


Units of analysis

All hotel establishments registered as such in the corresponding registers of the Departments of Tourism of each Autonomous Community. Hotel establishments are those that offer services of collective lodging for payment with or without other complementary services (hotel, hotel-apartment, apart-hotel, motel, inn, pension,..)


All establishments in the country are researched.


Estimated open hotel establishments

A hotel establishment open for the season is understood to be an establishment where the month of reference is included within its opening period.

Estimated vacancies

The number of vacancies estimated by the survey in establishments open for the season.
The number of vacancies is equal to the number of fixed beds in the establishment. Extra beds therefore are not included and double beds equal two vacancies.

Travellers checked in

All persons who stay one or more consecutive nights in the same accommodation.
Travellers are classified by their country of residence and Spanish residents are classified by the Autonomous Community they usually live in.

Overnight stays or occupied vacancies

An overnight stay is understood to be every night that a traveller stays in the establishment. As occurs with the checking in of travellers, occupied vacancies are broken down according to place of residence.

Average stay

This variable is an approximation of the number of days which, on average, travellers stay at the establishments and is calculated as the quotient between overnight stays and the number of travellers.

Level of occupation by rooms

The ratio, as a percentage, between the average daily number of rooms occupied in the month and the total number of rooms available.

Level of occupancy by vacancies

Ratio, as a percentage, between the total number of overnight stays and the result of the vacancies, including extra beds by the days the overnight stays refer to.
Supplementary beds are those that do not have a fixed nature, are not included in the vacancies officially declared by the establishment and which appear in the directory.

Level of occupation by weekend vacancies

Ratio, as a percentage, between overnight stays on Friday and Saturday that fall within the reference week and the result of the vacancies, including extra beds for those two days by the days the overnight stays refer to, in this case two.

Employed personnel

Defined as the group of people, remunerated and not remunerated, who contribute with their work to the production of goods and services in the establishment during the reference month included in the survey's reference period, even if they work outside the establishment premises.

Tourist area

Municipality where the concentration of tourist amenities is significant.

Tourist region

Group of municipalities where tourist inflow is specifically located. Information is presented on the areas that attract the greatest amount of tourists.


The consultation of basic data refers to seven consecutive days in each month, chosen randomly and in such a way that all establishments together cover a full month.
A second consultation is carried out on total travellers lodged and overnight stays made during the whole month to which the data refer and on the opening period in the month under consideration; in the three, four and five gold star strata in all provinces.
Information is provided monthly by hotel establishments, via a questionnaire which is forwarded to the National Statistics Institute. Similarly, it is possible to submit information electronically or by uploading an XML file, or via an internet connection using the ARCE system, completing the questionnaire directly on-screen.


The information is presented on different levels of geographical breakdown: national, Autonomous Community, provincial, tourist regions and areas. The regions (group of municipalities) have been considered, as well as the municipalities where tourist inflow is specifically located.
The data estimates that are published are made using the data provided by the establishments in the reference week, except for the three, four and five gold star strata, where they are calculated using the monthly totals also.