INE / World Statistics Day

On 20 October 2010 the first World Statistics Day was held.

This event is the result of Resolution 64/267 passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, in its meeting of 3 June 2010 .

We commemorate of the long history of official statistics and their importance when producing reliable and appropriate indicators that constitute an essential basis for making informed decisions.

The general theme of this day is to Celebrate the large number of achievements by official statistics, with the aim of raising awareness about contributions performed in this activity based on service values integrity and professionalism.

Let's make this historic World Statistics Day a success, acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the socio-economic development of our societies.
Ban Ki-Moon. Secretary General of the United Nations

The National Statistics Institute is joining this event, and acknowledges and gives thanks for the effort on the part of society as a whole for making Spanish official statistics a reality that is valued and acknowledged by the international community.

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