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Statistical Yearbooks

When the National General Statistics Commission presented the Statistical yearbook of Spain corresponding to the year 1858, one of the most emblematic works of the INE began its journey.

Conceived from its origins as a general work of statistical information, it has been maintained in this same line over the years. The yearbooks compile, with a great richness of content, statistical information from various sources, with the aim of offering a quantitative reflection of the economic, social and demographic reality of Spain and of its territories - both peninsular and insular - overseas provinces and all other territories over the last 150 years.

With the publication of these works, the INE offers an interesting radiography of Spanish contemporary history to all its users.

Unfortunately, the series of yearbooks presents big gaps in its first years of history, producing jumps that in some cases correspond to periods of more than 20 years, during which yearbooks where not published. In this way, we come across an interval of 24 years from the first yearbook of 1888 to the following, which was carried out in 1912. The series has not been interrupted since 1943.

NOTE: The consultation of yearbooks subsequent to 1997 can be made through this link.

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Statistical Yearbooks
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