Wage distribution Wage distribution for wage-earning workers, according to whether or not they have disabilities

Occupation groups

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      • Persons with and without disabilities
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  • Notes
    • 1) Persons with disabilities refers to persons formally recognised as disabled, with a degree of dissability of 33% or over, according to the procedure for evaluating this established in the RD 1971/1999 and modified by the RD 1856/2009.

      2) High-level occupations: directors and managers, scientific and intellectual technicians and professionals, technicians and support professionals
      Mid-level occupations: skilled employees, craftspersons and workers
      Low-level occupations: unskilled operators and workers

      3) When the box is marked with a '-' sign before the data, it indicates that the number of sample observations is between 100 and 500, so the figure is subject to great variability.
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  • Source:Spanish National Statistics Institute