European health survey in Spain 2020. Health Determinants: Relative figures CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

Frequency of heavy drinking of alcohol in the last 12 months by sex and age group. Population aged 15 years old and over that had consumed sometime.

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    • 1) In this table an intensive alcohol cosumer is considered to be a man that consumes in the period From 4 to 6 hours more than 6 units of standard drink 60 g of pure alcohol and to that woman that cosumes more 5 units of standard drink 50 g of pure alcohol at the same time.

      The symbol '.' shall be deemed as datum which cannot be given due to an insufficient sample
      The symbol '..' shall be deemed as datum which is not collected for that classification of the table
      The data corresponding to cells with less than 35 thousand persons must be considered with caution, as they may be affected by a high degree of sampling error
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute