Survey of water usage in the agricultural sector. 2000-2018 series Use of water in Agrarian sector

Water acquired and supplied to other units by Autonomous Community, types of uses and period.

Units:thousands of cubic metres
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    • 1) Up 2005 (included):

      - In each Autonomous Community, the water consumption per hectare estimated in the sample was raised to the total irrigation area of the Survey on Crop Areas and Yields in Spain (ESYRCE).In successive years, irrigation areas by the three irrigation techniques have been used as complementary variables of the raise.

      - In the proccess of estimation of water volume by origin (surface water/groundwater) it has been introduced a modification in order to take into account the water that agrarian operations affiliated to irrigation communities capture by their own means (self-supply) to complement the water supplied by said communities.This fact must be taken into account in the calculation of the variations between the years 2004 and 2005.
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute