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Guests and overnight stay by tourist areas

Units: Travellers, Overnight stays
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  • Notes ( 13 )
    • In December 2010, the data series for Pirineo Catalán ends.
    • In January 2011, the data series for Pirineos begins.
    • In January 2011, Costa de Barcelona changes its name to Barcelona.
    • In January 2011, the municipalities comprising Costa Daurada change.
    • In January 2012, the Barcelona-Maresme Coast and the Garraf Coast are put together in a new area called Barcelona Coast.
    • The data series of Costa del Azahar finishes in December 2011.
    • In January 2012, the data series of Costa de Castellon is modified.
    • In January 2012, the municipalities of Rias Altas and Rias Baixas are modified.
    • The data series for years previous to 2013 for Terres de l'Ebre y Cataluña Central are available in the "Annual results" section.
    • The data of january 2023 and later are provisional
    • In December 2014 the Central Cataluña data series ended.
    • In January 2015 the municipalities forming the Costa Barcelona area were modified. Therefore, data prior to January 2015 are not comparable with data subsequent to that date.
    • The entry into force of Order SND/257/2020 of March 19 led to the suspension of the opening to the public of all tourist accommodation, with all tourist activity being paralyzed as of March 26. Since the information was collected during the first fortnight of April, with the establishments closed to the public, the response rate was lower than usual. For this reason, the INE considers that the data at the national level and by autonomous community is of sufficient quality dissemination, while the information at the provincial level and/or the level of the tourist area and point does not meet the minimum quality standard for dissemination.
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