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  • Image Households and housing in the European Union

    Households and housing in the European Union

    How do we differ?

    The emergency caused by COVID-19 and the consequent obligatory confinement to the home in the majority of European countries, resulted in a modification to the population’s habitual behaviours and adaptations to the current circumstances.

    Selected data regarding households and dwellings within the European Union is provided here. It is extracted from the website of the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), and it can help to understand situational disparities: the population living alone, especially the elderly, the percentage of emancipated youth, the population living in urban centres, and the housing type (flats or independent houses). This information is completed using internal and external sources regarding the importance of second homes within countries, as part of population habits, and the weight by regions and provinces within Spain.

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    Teleworking in Spain and the EU prior to COVID-19

    Due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the declaration of the alert state period, the conditions in which many companies and workers carry out their work have suddenly changed. Prominent among these are the people who now perform their work-related duties from home in what is commonly known as remote work.

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