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NIPO 222-24-015-1
ISSN 2255-0402

The purpose of this publication is to provide, from a gender perspective, a selection of the most relevant indicators at the present moment that enable analysing the situation of men and women, in certain social and economic areas, such as education, employment, wages and social inclusion, science and technology, etc.

The publication has been divided into eight broad subjects, which contain files associated with different indicators. Each file is independent from the rest, and consists of: introduction, definitions, observations, sources and a section with more information providing some relevant links. Each indicator has a selection of tables that the user may view or download in different formats, along with a graph. In addition to having the option of downloading tables and accessing sources of information, users may edit the content in a PDF file. The objective of the INE, in including these improvements, is to encourage the usability of statistical data, through a dynamic and more attractive and useful publication.

As of the year 2012, the publication as a whole will not be updated on a specific date, but each chapter will henceforth be updated individually, in so far as the corresponding sources of information are published. The date of the latest update to the different chapters appears in each of them.

Lastly, the INE would like to express thanks for the cooperation both of the Institute of Women, which has provided the information in chapters 7 (Crime and violence) and 8 (Power and decision-making), and of other bodies and persons who have made possible the variety of information available in each file.

Standardised methodological report

General methodology