Functional Urban Areas: Santa Cruz de Tenerife


The Functional Urban Area (FUA), formerly known as Larger Urban Zone (LUZ) consist of a city (or cities) and its (their) commuting zone. It is an aggregation of LAU level 2 territorial unit (municipalities in Spain). The goal is to have an area from a significant share of the resident commute into the city. The FUA is an area in which 15% or more of the employed population commutes to work to the city center. That is the main criteria but there are others as contiguity. In Spain, the 15% threshold of commutig rate, is applied for all municipalities with more than 2.000 inhabitants. Below that population, it is used the following scale:

  • From 1.000 to 2.000, a commuting rate of 25%
  • From 500 to 1.000, a commuting rate of 35%
  • From 100 to 500, a commuting rate of 45%
  • From 0 to 100, a commuting rate of 50%

The source of commuting information is the Census 2011.. Further information.


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  • Demography
  • Social Aspects
  • Economic Aspects
  • Training and Education
  • Area and land use
  • Travel and Transport


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