Spanish Statistical Magazine. Editorial line of the magazine

The Spanish Statistical magazine, published by the National Statistics Institute, was first published in 1958 for the purpose of stimulating and disseminating the statistical research in the area of official and academic statistics. It is currently published every four months, in April, August and December, and its goal is to serve as a bridge and gathering space for official and academic statisticians, analysts, public policy design supervisors, and in general, any party interested in the way in which statistical thinking influences the decisions that affect the different aspects of society.

During its more than 50 years of existence, Spanish Statistics has been considered the reference scientific publication for statistical production in Spain and Latin America. Throughout its history, it has been edited by D. José Luis Sánchez-Crespo (until the year 1984), D. Daniel Peña (1984-1994), D. Fernando Carrasco (2001-2008), D. Antonio Martínez (2009-2011) and D. Gregorio Izquierdo (2012-2018). As of December 2018, D. Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo is the Editor of the magazine

As a scientific magazine, Spanish Statistics contributes to the progress of knowledge, covering all theoretical and applied statistical methodology subjects, but placing a special emphasis on the methods and results applied in the production and dissemination of official statistics.

More precisely, the objective of Spanish Statistics is to publish articles with statistical content and a methodological or applied nature, which imply relevant contributions to the fields of economics, the national accounts, and the statistics of education, health, prices, the labour market, housing and the environment, including environmental indicators and accounts, social analysis, demographics and population, research, innovation and development, among others. It especially welcomes those articles that address aspects of interest and current affairs within the scope of official statistics, such as confidentiality, sample design, questionnaire design, database management, statistical cooperation, assessment and identification of statistical needs, classifications, etc. There is also space for that work that addresses the comparison or rigorous review of different methods.

Beginning with number 178, Spanish Statistics will be divided into two blocks. One will be of a monographic nature, regarding subjects of interest that are related to official statistics, whereas the other will be presented as a platform for the dissemination of articles that cover different subjects within the publishing scope of this magazine.

In the Monographic section , it is possible to view the subjects that the monographic section of the coming issues of the magazine will be dedicated to, and information for those authors who wish to submit articles on those subjects.

The articles that are published in the magazine are subjected to a strict, anonymous and independent evaluation process and scientific arbitration.