The electoral census contains the records of those meeting the requirements in order to be eligible to vote, and are not deprived, permanently or temporarily, of the right of suffrage.

The electoral census is made up of:

  • Census of Resident Voters in Spain (CER)
  • Census of Absent-Resident Voters who reside abroad (CERA)

And is unique to all types of elections to be held in Spain: Furthermore it contains:

  • Census of Resident Foreigners in Spain (CRF) for municipal elections
  • Census of Resident Foreigners in Spain (CRF) for the European Parliament elections

The Electoral Census is permanent and it is updated monthly. Voters may submit submit claims to the Electoral Census at any time.

Monthly updates to the Electoral Census are carried out primarily using the information automatically received from Municipal Councils, Consular Offices, Civil Register and claims presented to the Electoral Census Office considered.

Each month the closed census is formed on the first day of that month using the information received prior to that date. The closed census on the first day of each month is the Electoral Census in force during the following month.

The Electoral Census in force for an election is the one closed on the first day of the month preceding the one in which the elections are called, with records of those of legal age on polling day.