The School of Statistics of the Public Administrations (SSPA) is attached to the Training and Coordination with Provincial Delegations Unit, and has the objective of improving the training and statistical qualification of the Public Administration personnel and other social groups that so require, offering specialised training for the recycling and updating of statistical knowledge and skills.

The courses and seminars taught by the SSPA cover surveys and statistics carried out by the INE, statistical techniques, and other topics of interest. In addition, a series of technical sessions are being organised for exchanging opinions and points of view regarding wide-ranging issues of relevance within the National Statistical System.

The SSPA reserves the right to cancel or modify the dates of the scheduled courses whenever it sees fit to do so for planning reasons, even after informing of acceptance. Any change shall be duly announced on this same website.

If you wish to submit a suggestion, send an e-mail message to the Activity coordinator: