Competences of the Electoral Census Office in compilation the Electoral Census:

Taking the information received from Municipal Councils, Consulates, Civil Register managers, the Electoral Census Office the updates the Electoral Census for the month.

The updated Electoral Census remains at the disposal of those concerned in order to be queried on a permanent basis by Municipal Councils, Consulates or Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office, where those concerned may submit claims regarding their registration details.

As part of this Electoral Census compilation process, the Oficina del Censo Electoral has the following specific areas of jurisdiction:

  1. It may send instructions to Municipal Councils, Consulates and Civil Register managers.
  2. It may inspect municipal councils and Consulates.
  3. It automatically monitors and checks registrations and removals processed by the competent bodies and compiles a national voter file.
  4. It removes multiple registrations not detected by Municipal Councils and Consulates.
  5. It resolves claims against action by the bodies ivolved in census operations.


Basic regulations on the jurisdictional areas of the Electoral Census Office in compiling the Electoral Census