This section provides different links that give access to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in just one click. Also, since April 2015, access to the new Competitiveness Guarantee Index has been granted.

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Would you like to update a personal income or spending? This section calculates the update of an income or spending with the CPI for a complete year for you by just introducing the quantity to update, the month and the years you are interested in.

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How much has the CPI varied since...?  This section provides a very easy program to calculate the CPI variation between two periods fot the total nationalm the Autonomous Communities and the provinces.

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Do you need a telematic issue of CPI? Through the Electronic Headquarters of the National Statistics Institute you can get hold of it by making a payment for the corresponding tax via the state Tax Agency's tax payment system.

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Competitiveness Guarantee Index. CGI

According to Act 2/2015, from 30 March, on the Deindexation of the Spanish Economy (BOE 31/03/2015), the INE is responsible for the calculation and monthly publication of the Competitiveness Guarantee Index (CGI).