International cooperation and technical assistance activities play a key role in the institutional strengthening and development of official statistics. Law 12/1989 on Public Statistical Services grants the INE the preparation and performance of the general plans for international technical cooperation in statistics.

The planning and performance of the cooperation plans are carried out based on the general guidelines envisaged by the Board of Management of the INE and the Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation, compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

The technical cooperation activities carried out by the INE fundamentally consist of study visits (experts from the recipient country go to the INE), technical assistance (experts from the INE travel to the recipient country), classroom-based seminars, online courses and internships.

Requests for cooperation

The requests for cooperation sent from either national or international organizations, whatever form they may adopt (courses, study visits or technical assistance, development of projects, etc.) must be addressed to the President of the INE.

Any request for cooperation shall state its terms of reference. These will include: aim, timeline (planned date and length), financing and place of realization.