Peer Review external evaluation: Systems of general external evaluation

Peer Reviews (evaluations made by equals), are assessment exercises of the situation or the practices of a country in a particular field. They are discussions among peers, generally from a self-assessment questionnaire, and not audits from a higher body. The purpose of this exercise is to help the country subject to review to improve its formulation, in this case statistical, to adopt best practices and to comply with the principles and rules established.

In the framework of the implantation of the European Statistical Code of Practice, the main objectives of Peer Reviews are to improve transparency in this process and the responsibility of agents involved in it, to identify difficulties and delays regarding the compliance with the Code and to promote the transfer of knowledge and experiences through the identification of good practices.

Each Peer Review team draws up a report for the country assessed focused on the principles examined, which may also include a list of improvement actions regarding the different principles of the Code.

EU countries participate in this Peer Review process, as well as members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Eurostat. In other words, this will apply to the whole European Statistical System (ESS).

  • The third round of peer reviews (2021-2023)

    The European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) has agreed to carry out a new round of peer reviews in the period 2021-2023; its objective is to evaluate the degree of compliance by countries with the European Statistics Code of Practice, (updated in 2017). The statistical systems of 31 European countries (the 27 EU countries and the 4 EFTA countries) will be evaluated, as well as the European Statistics Office (Eurostat) itself.

    The methodological documents, the self-evaluation questionnaires and other auxiliary documents, approved by the ESSC, can be consulted on the Eurostat website at the following link.

  • The second round of peer reviews (2013-2015)

    The second round of Peer Review corresponds to the 2013-2015 period and its scope and content has been broadened.

    The Peer Review visit to the INE has taken place from the 19 to the 21 November 2014.

    In this review, the compliance of the European Code of Practice (CP) (updated version 2011) has been assessed, and in order to evaluate its successful implementation the Quality Assurance Framework has been used as a guide

    A similar assessment has been conducted with other national organisms that produce European statistics. The role of the INE as coordinator of statistics developed at national level, as well as the degree of integration and cooperation of national statistics within the ESS framework, has also been subject to analysis.

    The Final Report of the Peer Review for Spain is now available in its English version: Peer review report on compliance with the code of practice and the coordination role of the national statistical institute

    More information about the Peer Review process as well as the reports for the other members of the European Statistical System in Eurostat’s website can be found in the section: Peer reviews in the European Statistical System (ESS)

  • The first round of peer reviews (2006-2008)

    In the 2006-2008 period the first Peer Review visit to the INE took place (as well as to the rest of the ESS) within the framework of the implantation of the European Statistics Code of Practice (CP).

    The Peer Review visit to the INE took place from the 19th to the 21st November of this year.

    On the basis of the documentation provided by the INE and by Eurostat prior to the review, the peer review concluded with a report assessing compliance with the Code of Practice at indicator level and by principle, following a four point assessment scale, in particular, within the areas related to the institutional environment and the dissemination of statistics (principles 1-6 and 15 of the Code of Practice).

    - General Report on the Peer Review visits of the European Statistical System (ESS).

    - Peer review Final Evaluation Report on the application of the European Statistics Code of Practice of the INE for the year 2007

    - Final ESS Reports (in Eurostat)