The conditions for access to the internships are as follows:

  • The convocation is permanent, and therefore, any interested university may, at any time of the year, write to the following email address: expressing their interest in the internships.
  • The collaboration shall be formalised in the standardised agreement hat the INE has for these purposes.
  • The internship positions shall be granted by strict order of application. In the event of more applications than positions offered by the INE, there may be a maximum of 2 students simultaneously interning from each university.
  • The internships are unpaid, and may not imply any expenditure for the INE.
  • The internships may be carried out both in the central services of the INE (in Madrid) and in each of its Delegations, with headquarters in each provincial capital.
  • ·The internships target those students whose studies are the most similar to the activity of the INE. By way of illustration, these would be statistics, economics and the like, mathematics, information technologies, telecommunications, journalism, and law, among others.
  • The duration of the internships shall be a maximum of 3 months, which can be extended for a further 3 months, following the schedules agreed upon with the respective university, but in all cases adapting to INE schedules.
  • The students must prove being covered by the school insurance, and likewise, the University must prove that the student intern is covered by a civil responsibility insurance paid by the University.