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Spain in figures. This general, informative publication has the objective of offering the non-specialised public an updated view of the most relevant demographic, social and economic aspects of our country and its environment.

Edition 2017 (2018 edition in process of translation)

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Woman and men in Spain is a publication produced in partnership with the Institute for Women. It aims to disseminate a selection of gender indicators that are relevant in different fields of social concern.

Permanent updating

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Statistical yearbook. This is a publication of general statistical information, including data from different sources, both inside and outside of the INE. Its tables provide a quantitative reflection of the Spanish economic, social and demographic reality.
(Complete collection since 1858).

New edition: 2018

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The Iberian Peninsula in Figures. The objective of this publication is to provide a statistical overview for Spain and Portugal, both separately and taking the Iberian Peninsula as a whole, within the framework of the European Union. Harmonised data, provided at the time by the National Statistics Institutes of the two countries to the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), is used in this respect.

New edition 2017

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