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Press Section

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Industrial Prices Index (IPRI)
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Use of ICTs in households
Use of ICTs in companies
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Press office

The Press office is responsible for relations between the National Statistics Institute and the media.
This body calls press conferences, manages interviews, receives the requests from the press and offers them a personalised service, tailored to their needs.
The Press office also offers help to media professionals in search of information in the INE data bases.

To contact the Press office:

Press Office phone (+ 34) 91 583 93 63 Decoration image
Mercedes Manjavacas (+ 34) 91 583 90 88
César Alcalde (+ 34) 91 582 11 62
Teresa Funes Piedrabuena (+ 34) 91 583 94 74
Paola Groch (+ 34) 91 583 18 42
Donald Peña (communication director) (+ 34) 91 583 03 53
Fax (+ 34) 91 583 90 87
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