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Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Fishing
Agrarian census 2009
Survey on Production Methods in Agricultural Operations 2009
Agrarian census 1999
Survey on the Structure of Agricultural Holdings
Agricultural production
Livestock production
Agricultural economic indicators
Means of production
Forestry. Fishing statistics
Organic farming
SubirDemography and Population
Municipal Register
Population of municipalities and populational units
Official population figures of the Spanish Municipalities: Revision of the Municipal Register
List of place names: Population of the Continuous Municipal Register by Populational Unit
Continuous Municipal Register Statistics
Registrations and Delistings in the Municipal Register due to Residential Variation
Residential Variations Statistics
Spaniards resident abroad
Municipal Register of Spaniards Resident Abroad : Statistical use
Population figures and Demographic Censuses
Population and housing figures
Population figures
Intercensal population estimates
Continuous Household Survey
Population Projections
Population Projections
Household Projection
Population and Housing Census
Population and Housing Census 2011
Population and Housing Census 2001
Population and Housing Census 1991
Population Census 1981
Population Census 1857-1970
Historical population series 1900-1995
Alterations to the municipalities in the Population Censuses since 1842
Dynamic of the population
Vital Statistics
Marriage Statistics
Birth Statistics
Death Statistics
Migration statistics
Analysis and demographic studies
Basic Demographic Indicators
Life Tables
National Immigrant Survey 2007
Fertility Survey 1999
Residence permits, study permits, granting of nationality, visas and international protection for foreign nationals
Central Companies Directory: Statistical use
Harmonized Business Demographics
Business Turnover Index
Business Confidence Indicators
Mercantile Companies
Bankruptcy Proceedings Statistics
Inward FATS
Outward FATS
Access by Companies to Finance
National Accounts
Quarterly Spanish National Accounts
Quarterly non-financial accounts for the Institutional Sectors
Spanish National Accounts
Spanish Regional Accounts
Tourism Satellite Account of Spain
Balance of payments
Financial and Monetary Statistics
Unpaid bills of exchange
Foreclosure Statistics
Mercantile Companies
Tendering Process Statistics
Statistics on transfer of property rights
Declared Bankruptcies and Suspensions of Payments
Credit Sales
Financial and monetary magnitudes
Stock market
Interest rates
Foreign trade
The Foreign Trade in Services Indices
Exchange rates
Main foreign trade results
Tax information
Labour market and pensions in tax sources
Tax statistics
SubirIndustry and construction
Industrial Companies Survey
Industrial Products Survey
Industrial Production Index
Industrial Price Index
Industrial new orders received index
Industrial turnover index
Export and Import Price Indices for Industrial Products
Business Turnover Index
Vehicles manufacturing
Energy Consumption Survey
Other Energy Results
Construction and housing
Housing Price Index
Population and Housing Census 2011
Population and Housing Census 2001
Population and Housing Census 1991
Material Price Indices and National Labour Force Indices
Construction statistics
Foreclosure Statistics
Statistics on transfer of property rights
SubirLabour market
Economic activity, employment and unemployment
Economically Active Population Survey
Statistics on the Flows of the Economically Active Population
Economic Activity Rate Projections
The Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Working Time Survey
Wages and labour costs
Quarterly Labour Cost Survey
Harmonised Labour Cost Index
Annual Labour Cost Survey
Annual Wage Structure Survey
Four-yearly Wage Structure Survey
The Wages of Persons with Disabilities
Wage Survey for Industry and Services
Other labour market operations
Labour and Geographical Mobility Statistics
Survey on the Transition from Education and Training to Labour Market Insertion
SubirPhysical variables and environment
Physical variables
Environment statistics
Survey of water supply and sewerage
Survey on the use of water in the agricultural sector
Survey on the use of water in the industrial sector
Survey on the generation of waste in industrial sector
Survey on the generation of waste in the services sector and construction
Survey on the generation of waste in agriculture and fishing
Statistics on the Collection and Treatment of Waste. Urban waste
Statistics on the Collection and Treatment of Waste. Treatment of waste
Survey on Industry Expenditure on Environmental Protection
Environmental indicators
Sustainable development indicators
Survey on households and the environment 2008
Forest fires
Nature and biodiversity
Environmental accounts
Atmospheric emissions accounts
Environmental taxes accounts
Material flow accounts
Other environmental accounts
SubirScience and Technology
Research and Technological Development
Statistics on R&D activities
Innovation in Companies Survey
Statistics on Biotechnology Use
High Technology Indicators
Survey on Human Resources in Science and Technology
Industrial Property Statistics
Public financing for R&D
New Communication and Information Technologies
Survey on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and e-commerce use in companies
Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households
ICT Sector Indicators
Information technology in non university education
Global surveys on Services Sector
Annual Services Survey
Statistics on Products in the Services Sector
Services sector activity indicators
Business Turnover Index
Services Sector Price Indices
Foreign Trade in Services Indices
Services Sector Inward FATS
Annual Trade Survey
Statistics on Products in the Trade Sector
Retail Trade Indices
Business Turnover Index
Survey on the use of CIT and e-commerce in companies
Retail Trade Survey
Wholesale Trade Survey
Transport and Communications
Passenger Transport Statistic
Transport of goods by road
Roads network, vehicles, drivers and accidents
Railway Transport
Sea transport
Air transport
Pipe Transport
Public Service Car Statistics
Postal and telecommunications services
Hotel Industry and Tourism
Hotel Occupancy Survey
Hostel Occupancy Survey
Campsite Occupancy Survey
Holiday Dwellings Occupancy Survey
Rural Tourism Accommodation Occupancy Survey
Hotel Price Index
Hotel Income Index
Indicators on the profitability of the hotel sector
Tourist Campsites Price Index, Tourist Apartments Price Index and Rural Tourism Accommodation Price Index
Hotel Establishment Structural Survey
Survey of the corporate structure of travel agencies
Inbound Tourism
National tourism
Incomes and payments for tourism
Other Business, Personal and Community Services
Audiovisual Services Survey
Technical Services Survey
Personal Services Survey
IT Services Survey
Industrial Cleaning Services Survey
University Education Statistic
University Entrance Exams
Private Education Financing and Expenditure Statistic
Household Expenditure on Education
Survey on the Transition from Education/Training to Labour Market Insertion
Survey on Adult Population Involvement in Learning Activities
Pre-university education
Study grants and Public Expenditure on Education
Information technology in non university education
Survey on the International Mobility of Students
Culture and leisure
Book Publishing Activity
Statistics on Libraries
Archives, museums and heritage
Performing and musical arts
Film making
Hospital Morbidity Survey
Hospital Indicators Statistic
Mortality Statistics: Cause of Death
Registered Health Professionals
Surveys on Disabilities
National Health Survey
The European Health Survey Project
Social Integration and Health Survey
Employment of Persons with Disabilities
Wages of Persons with Disabilities
Health and Sexual Habits Survey
In-patient health-care institutions
Obligatory Noticiable Diseases
Other aspects related with health
Security and Justice
Justice Statistics. Years 1998-2004
Urban Leases Statistics
Magistrates' Court Statistics
Conviction Statistics:Aadults
Conviction Statistics: Minors
Statistics on suicide in Spain
Statistics on annulments, separations and divorces
Contentious Administrative Statistics
Statistics on Domestic Gender and Domestic Violence
Prison population
Register Office and notarial activity
Standard of Living
Consumer Prices Index
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices
Housing Price Index
HBS. Household Budget Survey
Living conditions survey
Information Technology in Households Survey
Time Use Survey
Survey on Homeless Persons
Survey on Support Centres for Homeless Persons
Social protection
European Union Household Panel
HBCS. Household Budget Continuous Survey
Social analysis
Social indicators
Analysis of income and household expenses
Survey on households and the environment 2008
Electoral processes
Actions taken by the Electoral Register Office
SubirStandard and life conditions (CPI)
Housing and consumption price indices
Consumer Price Index
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
Housing price index
Living conditions
Living Conditions Survey
Household Budget Survey
Survey on Support Centres for Homeless Persons
Survey on Homeless Persons
Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households
Time Use Survey
European Union Household Panel
Other family budget surveys
SubirClassifications and standards
National classifications
List of Municipalities, Provinces, Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities and their codes
CNAE 2009. National Classification of Economic Activities
CNO-11. National classification of occupations
CNED-2014. National classification of education
CPA 2.1. Classification of products by activities
GESCLA 2009: statistical classification management
AyudaCod. Program for assisting with encoding
International classifications
Physical variables and environment
Standard of Living
Labour Force
National Accounts and Foreign Trade
Industry and Energy
SubirStatistical compilation
INEbase Historia
Statistical compilation
Monthly statistical bulletin
Statistical yearbook of Spain
Spain in figures
Social indicators
Sustainable development indicators
Women and Men in Spain
The Iberian Peninsula in Figures
Spain indicators for the IMF