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SubirThe PC-Axis program

Pc-Axis is the format in which the INE publishes and disseminates the bulk of its statistical production via its website, in the INEbase section. In order to query the statistical tables in INEbase , no additional program is needed, since a viewer is included in a viewer that includes a number of basic functions (selection of variables, rotation, sorting, exporting...). Statistical tables are also available for download in Pc-axis format; in order to work with this type of file, it is necessary to have the Pc-axis program installed. When working with PC-axis files, there are advantages regarding presentation of information, sorting and nesting of variables, exporting to multiple formats and graphical and geographical analyses.

SubirThe PX-Map and Municipal Maps programs

This is a program that enables the user to generate his or her own statistical maps from tables that include territorial information. In order to be able to compile a map with the PX-Map, it is necessary to have installed the PC-Axis program.

The maps enable representation of the values of a single thematic variable, so that If the table contains more than one, for the remainder of the variables a single value should be selected. It is essential that the territorial variable in the table (provinces, for example) be positioned in the margin; If the original table is not shown in this way, the variable rotation option may be used in order to position this as appropriate.

Once this program is installed, maps may be generated with geographical information on an Autonomous Community and Provincial level. For statistical tables containing municipal information, it will also be necessary to install the latest version of the Municipal Maps program, which includes the outlines of municipalities in accordance with the list of municipalities valid at 1 January each year. PC-Axis tables may be downloaded with suitable municipal information for compiling maps in the following INEbase publications:

SubirDownload the PC-Axis, PX-Map and Municipal Maps programs

Installation from CD-ROM: all INE publications in CD-ROM format include an installable copy with the latest version of these programs.

Free download: from this same page the most up-to-date version of these programs may be downloaded. The installation procedure will associate PC-Axis files saved in your system to this program (*.px extension). Therefore, the Internet browser will recognise them as such and will directly launch the PC-Axis program. If this does not occur, check the browser set-up in the section referring to associated applications.

Programa Descripción Descarga/instalación
PCAxis 2008
6 Mb auto-exec file. Install
PXMap 2001
22 Mb auto-exec file.
Version only available English. It is recommended that the default options be selected during installation.
Municipal maps
File RAR of 74 Mb.
Once the compressed files have been extracted, they should be copied to the directory C:\Program files\PX-Map\Maps\